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Student Loan Refinance

Refinance by getting a sponsor to underwrite/cosign your student loan for a dramatically lower interest rate.

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Why use Student Loan Corp?

No cosigner? No problem!

We underwrite and sponsor Student Loans so even with no credit or no cosigner for your loan you can still get the best deal.

Low rates, Multiple lenders

Our platform allows you to use advanced grade and points based analysis to get the best offers from multiple lenders.

Refinance at lower rates and save

With our one of a kind corporate sponsorship and cosigning you can refinance student loans at dramatically lower rates.

Simple, secure and easy way

We empower students by providing unique solutions to get the best deal on their student loan in a safe and easy manner.

  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    With the benefit of experience from applying for private student loans with parents who have bad credit and no cosigners, I know that pretty much every lender and student loan company makes it difficult although I have a 650 credit score. Student Loan Corp application process was detailed but easy and what they promised they delivered, they truly have a unique solution – I was given a sponsor then I got offers from 3 major lenders (very good rates). With other student loan companies before none were as quick and easy as Student Loan Corp was. The whole process literally did take minutes to complete and the staff assisting me were clearly was on top of things from start to finish.

    Amy Everett
  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    Having an excellent payment record, decent income and somewhat high debt to income still didn’t offer me an option to get a barely decent rate on my Student Loan, I suspect this is owing to my short credit history, while at Med School I was in urgent need of a private student loan to cover my expenses, I applied with Sallie Mae, Discover, Wells Fargo, and Citizens but was denied. I was able to apply with Student Loan Corp, and within 2 days I was approved for the Student Loan I needed from Discover – all thanks to the loan guarantee that Student Loan Corp furnished on my behalf. This truly is an awesome way for students who want to get a good deal to do so.

    Nina V. King
  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    I just recently completed the refinancing of my student loan through the Student Loan Corp process, it’s allowed me to secure a rate that’s 3.50% lower than what I was paying!!! It’s a wonderful thing y’all are offering really. I thought it unfair that although I was a very responsible borrower and live well within my means private student loan lenders relied on my parents credit score when they were deciding my rate. I am glad Student Loan Corp exists because students can get stuck in terrible deals. I am able to focus on my work and save more thanks to the great service you have provided. You delivered big time thank you. God bless you!

    Kate Campbell
  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    Student Loan Corp came through for me at a time when every single bank and CU I went to refused to help. My parents had suffered due to the financial crash of ‘08 and as a result their credit was pretty bad, and my credit history was non-existent so every private student loan I applied for I got rejected and as I had no cosigners willing to cosign on my student loan, the rates I was offered from the few lenders who did offer me a rate was very, very high. I was able to sign up with Student Loan Corp, and they got me a great deal on my student loan by setting me up with a corporate sponsor who under-wrote my loan for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you!

    Chris Dixon

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Get to the top with Student Loan Corp

Undergrad Student Loan

With Sponsor+ we are able to offer students the lowest rates possible thanks to our unique points and grading based analysis, which takes a holistic view of a students credit profile. And based on that, we arrange corporate sponsorship for undergrad student loans, therefore considerably de-risking a students credit profile to lenders. This results in dramatically lower interest rates and better repayment terms.

Grad Student Loan

In addition to our points and grades based scoring, which allows for the most tailor-made rates for diligent students, for graduate students who show promise can find sponsorship and loan guarantees that ensure the best value, putting them on the right path to achieving long-term career goals. Lacking a credit history shouldn’t stand in the way of getting the best deal.

Student Loan Refinance

If you are currently paying off your student loans and wish to refinance them at lower rates, there’s no time like the present to do it. And what’s more? There’s no platform better than Student Loan Corp to refinance through. Based on your academic performance and your employment history we are able to arrange private underwriting and sponsorship which is guaranteed to get you the lowest refinancing rate possible.

As Easy As...
Applying for a no-cosigner student loan loan, or comparing offers for your student loan refinancing rate through Student Loan Corp can be done with just 3 steps.


Through our online application system, you can input your profile details in an interactive manner and find out whether you qualify before you even submit the application.


Once your application has been processed you’ll receive information on loan offers from major lenders, you can compare the plans available to you and select the best deal.


Complete the application for the best deal with straightforward steps all the way to completion. E-sign your application and accept the loan terms from the selected lender.

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