At Student Loan Corp strong leadership, we believe, is a key to long-term success and dominance over our industry. What we do helps shapes our clients’ future, providing diligent students a way to make sure they get the best deal on their student loans. We combine deep credit industry insight with understanding of evolutionary technologies like machine learning and statistical analysis to better profile each students true potential and based on our findings we reward students by getting them corporate sponsors and loan guarantees that allow them to secure the best student loans and student loan refinancing deals that they can possibly get with dramatically lower monthly payments and repayment terms. We empower by unshackling them from antiquated student credit histories and as a result, help them achieve personal greatness! Whether we’re focused on better understanding credit risk and potential of clients or striking deals with lenders on API access, Student Loan Corp has the people, skills, and experience to effectively shape and deliver client value. Our management team is able to offer clients and lenders a powerful and unique way to work together in a better way. We believe that leadership cannot be substituted. It’s about balancing the long-term vision with current reality, being eager to learn every day, being open to new ideas and technologies, and being at ease with ambiguity and complexity in a fast-changing environment. Meet some of the people who make our work possible.

Our People

Lawrence F. Koch
CEO & Chairman

Currently serving as the owner and CEO of Student Loan Corp, Lawrence has over 14 years of experience in providing full-service professional solutions to some of the world's largest lenders and credit modeling companies. Lawrence established Student Loan Corp in 2006 through the buyout of Student Lending Market and ISG Loan Servicing he has since led the company. Lawrence has a focus in risk management and general business development. His management expertise includes gap analysis, project management, coordination with primary lenders, client relationship management, budgets, scheduling, and performing milestone reviews. In 2014 he was chosen to lead the government of UAE's special projects focusing on developing standardized educational systems. Lawrence did his BS in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management from Stanford University.

William Henry Fiedler
Services Development & Design

As head of Services Development and Design at Student Loan Corp, William oversees the development, testing, and analysis of our data-driven profile algorithms and our strategic efforts throughout our risk management channels. He has a strong background in financial services and IT, specifically focusing on front-end development having worked at both CGI Tech and Friedman Fletcher & Hearst bringing digital solutions to large organizations and governments. Prior to joining Student Loan Corp William led the front-end development efforts for CGI on multiple large projects, and more recently, consulted with the US Government to create a proactive Cyber Defense platform. A true geek to the core, William can often be found reading everything from an article on neuroscience to writing Superman fanfiction. William holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Laurene Knox
Business Operations & Marketing

Laurene joined Student Loan Corp in May 2011 serving as the Business Operations and Marketing chief of Student Loan Corp. Prior to that, Laurene was VP of Student Loan Asset Backed Securities analysis group at AmTrust Bank. Laurene leads the firm’s focus on delivering value to customers and ensuring operations are run in a way that they are improved upon continuously. Laurene puts her commitment to clients very high on her list of priorities and works extra hard to make sure that each student we accept is helped by what we do. As a true believer who in her own words felt the ‘student loans market as fundamentally unfair,’ Laurene takes a lot of pleasure from helping put an end to that. Laurene received her M.A. from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a B.A. Economics and Studio Art from the College of Arts & Sciences. And received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Ralph Li Chen
Chief Technology Officer

Ralph is chief of Student Loan Corp’s Information Technology and Research division. He is responsible for driving the company’s overall IT strategy and forward-looking development processes and research efforts spanning apps, agents, services, and integrations. Previously, Ralph served as the team leader responsible for Student Loan Corp credit modeling and analysis group from 2010 to 2013. Prior to his engineering leadership role in risk and credit modeling, he oversaw the student loan operation at several large student loan lenders across Europe and was responsible for helping develop the European Unions policy framework for anti-trust legislation in the Information Technology industry with regard to Education. Ralph received his B.S. in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Operations Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating magna cum laude.

Setting You Up For Success

How the smartest students have figured out that using Student Loan Corp sponsorship is the easiest and the single most powerful way they can get great deals on their student loans.

We’re making the world a fairer better place at the same time by rewarding positive behavior and making credit scores a thing of the past. We develop and implement technology solutions to improve upon credit models used by student loan lenders. Our unique ability to understand students credit history better, using our algorithms that analyze unconventional signals separating them out from the noise and arriving at valuable insights has allowed us to empower students, who would otherwise have been stuck with bad student loans, by getting them great terms that reward them for their positive behavior. Rather than focusing on traditional FICO credit scores, which we feel create a very unfair playing field, as traditional scores are inadequate when judging a student's future potential. Especially if the students upbringing has been unconventional or challenging. Ultimately, we enable our clients to get past the barriers to entry which would keep them from their true earning potential and career success by making them focus on paying off onerous student loan payments in the short term. Our ability to score and de-risk student profiles makes it so that students can get lower monthly payments and better repayment terms, with our sponsorship students are able to get the same deals as though they have a perfect credit score. Even when that may not be the case in the traditional sense.

Join Us - Do Amazing Things

Combining strong expertise in financial services and seasoned entrepreneurs, our team is passionate about creating an experience for our customers that’s unlike any other.

Creating an Impact

By joining Student Loan Corp, you’ll be part of one of Americas fastest growing company’s with a world-class brand and reputation, reinforced by our core values focused on delivering unparalleled results to our clients, constantly investing in and helping develop our stakeholders and contributing to the community as proactive corporate citizens. We take our responsibility for the future of our customers as well as the footprint we leave on the planet seriously, which is why we hire the best people, leverage our global reach even as we respect the individual, and ensure everything we do—for our clients, our people and our communities—is done with the highest standards of integrity.

Strength in Diversity

The diversity of Student Loan Corp workforce has always helped add and concentrate distinctive skills, perspectives and experiences to the company. We believe that makes Student Loan Corp unique are its people, we are proud to have a truly diverse workforce. It is the diversity of our employees’ skills and cultural experiences that enable us to tackle everyday challenges more innovatively than any other company. You’ll work with diverse teams of highly motivated people who are collaborative and focused on delivering value for our clients, and you’ll have the chance to learn from all of them—supportive, approachable leaders and colleagues with deep market relevant skills and expertise.

Combining our strong expertise in credit analysis, financial modeling and veteran industry officials our team is driven, motivated and passionate about our goal to democratize the student loans system. And to offer our customers an experience that’s unlike any other.