We offer sponsorship and underwriting of private student loans for international students who are enrolled at an eligible US college or university. Simple how-to on getting private student loans for your study in USA.

If you are an international student finding a student loan to fund the cost of your American education doesn't have to be difficult. With Student Loan Corp Sponsor+ program students with strong academic track record and promising careers can borrow from leading American Lenders at competitive rates and favorable terms. You don't need to find a cosigner!

* Eligibility contingent on F-1, OPT, H-1B, O-1, L-1, TN confirmed visa status.

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International Student Loan

Student Loan Corp helps International Students avail low interest student loans through our unique Sponsor+ program. If you are an International Student pursuing higher education in America and you have a work permit then Student Loan Corp can help you avail the best deal on your student loan. Our Sponsor+ program offers International Students who wish to do graduate or post graduate level courses a way to secure loan guarantees and grants from corporate sponsors, this allows for students to get low interest rate student loans from primary student loan lenders without the need for a strong credit history or an American cosigner. Student Loan Corp International Student Loan program specializes in helping students who have promising career prospects and strong academic track record secure student loans to finance their education in America. No doubt the expenses related to college education is overwhelming to a large number of the international students seeking to enroll in American Universities. Although scholarships and grants are an option, they tend to be incredibly competitive and often fall short of covering most necessary expenses. A private student loan sponsored by Student Loan Corp can provide you with up to 100% of your 100% of school-certified college and graduate school costs such as tuition, books and supplies, room and board, and insurance.

How Student Loan Corp Helps

Student Loan Corp believes that every student who makes the effort and shows promise deserves a chance at a quality education, regardless of their parents financial position or their ability to find a cosigner for their student loan. We’re all about empowering students by making sure they can pursue their goals.

Sponsor Plus

Our sponsoring and underwriting services allow eligible students to avail the best deal on their international student loan without the need for cosigners or credit history.

Multiple Lenders

Applying with Student Loan Corp allows clients to get offers from 7 primary student loan lenders, students can then pick the best offer based on the rates and terms.

Safe & Secure

Our international student loan services are designed ground up with security and protection of client privacy in mind, in addition to our strong focus on getting clients the best terms.

Comprehensive Strategy

Student Loan Corp consultants help international student clients formulate a coherent and realistic strategy for managing finances, handling approvals and achieving positive outcomes.

How You Can Get Started

You can apply for a Student Loan Corp Sponsor+ with relative ease. The process is comprised of 3 steps, with you completing an online application and receiving word on whether you are eligible, Student Loan Corp consultant finding you the right sponsor, then your loan application will be submitted to primary lenders along with the sponsor guarantee for your loan.

1. Online Pre-Approval

Our famous online approval process lets you know if you are eligible within hours of completing and submitting your application.

2. Select a Loan Offer

Student Loan Corp. International Student experts based on your profile will find the right sponsor for your loan and apply to primary lenders.

3. Complete with an E-Sign

Based on the offers from our Lenders, which tend to be favorable owing to the sponsor guaranteeing your loan, students can pick the best deal and e-sign.


The process of applying for my student loans with Student Loan Corp was absolutely amazing. I had initially applied with all the major student loan lenders they all rejected me based on my lack of a long credit history. My parents had a difficult time paying for my education in America, they were even thinking of selling their apartment to keep paying my fees. Thank God I found Student Loan Corp, I was able to secure a corporate sponsor, and I applied with Discover and Sallie Mae, I was instantly approved and I got a fantastic rate! I am so glad I found Student Loan Corp. Thanks so much. I would absolutely recommend SLC to any international students looking to get a student loan!!

Kyle Tsou


After my divorce a year ago, I struggled to readjust my educational and financial position. I stopped being able to pay for school. I badly needed a way to get a private student loan, I applied but failed to get any viable offers being an international student. A good friend told me about Student Loan Corp and their services for international students. I am glad I signed up the first time I visited the site. I am 14 months into my course, doing very well, this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the help SLC provided. I am so thankful to your company for looking at the whole picture rather than just a number, and enabling me and my family to continue on the road to financial empowerment.

Stephanie D’Souza


Facing a very difficult time trying to secure a student loan for my education in America I signed up with Student Loan Corp to see if applying would allow me to finally be accepted for a loan. My online other option was to pay the university fee directly which is not something I was in a position to do. I was surprised by the fast and efficient process within a week I was surprisingly approved for my Student Loan without having a cosigner or a credit history. I love the ethos of Student Loan Corp because I too believe in my heart that education should be democratized, every single student who desires it should have access to the best education and skills available. Keep up the awesome work!

Rosemary Thomas


I had already applied for a private student to complete my post graduate degree, the rates I was offered were very bad. I almost got the feeling they didn’t want me to sign up. I learned about Student Loan Corp from a friend who had used them and was really having a high opinion. I thought I’d give it a shot, I am so glad I did. The Sponsor+ program is revolutionary! If you are an international student do not even think of applying for a student loan till you at least apply via SLC once, just see the amazing rates you’ll get offered. I was able to get a 5.49% fixed APR (!) thanks to SLC when I applied without them the rates I was offered ranged from 9.50% to 13%. Highly recommended.

Yan Hao
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