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Why Refinance Your Student Loan?

Helping diligent students and working professionals save money on their student loans (and get ahead in life) is kind of our thing. Clients who refinance with us actually on average accrue savings of $28,668 on their student loans. We’re one of the few solutions providers who are able to assess a borrower's true credit quality and potential, we then use this information to help find corporate sponsors who will agree to take over part of your debt to the lender refinancing your loan. With this, your lender sees your profile as being risk-free owing to the loan guarantee from your sponsor, as such, your student loan rates will dramatically fall and at the same time, it’ll get you substantially better repayment terms from the lender of your choosing. Why keep overpaying for your loans when you can use your track record to secure a better deal for yourself? There are several reasons why you could’ve gotten entangled in a bad student loan, perhaps your credit history was non-existent, maybe your parents had bad credit, or you took our your student loan prior to 2011 when interest rates were significantly higher (and as a result got a bad deal). Student Loan Corp can help you, unlike any other provider can.

Refinance at Lower Rates & Better Terms

Points... What
are Points?

When a student has a strong academic track record and bright future prospects in a profession we take those into consideration more so than traditional credit scores.

Get Sponsors for Your Loan

Our ability to find corporate sponsorship and underwrite student loan refinancing based on our points scoring system allows us to provide students with the lowest rate.

Offers from Multiple-Lenders

Once an applicant is scored, we're able to de-risk the loan profile with a loan guarantee/sponsor and then the student can apply to multiple lenders and get the best deal.

Unemployment Protection

If the unexpected happens, all loan payments are paused temporarily until you’re back at a job and able to start making payments avoiding a default. Interest, however, will accrue.

Ready... Fire... Aim...
Refinancing your loan with a corporate sponsor guaranteeing you is truly a simple process, you can complete your application in 3 steps within 15 minutes.


Through our online application system you can input your profile details in an interactive manner and find out whether you qualify before you even submit the application.


Once your application has been processed you’ll receive information on loan offers from major lenders, you can compare the plans available to you and select the best deal.


Complete the application for the best deal with straightforward steps all the way to completion. E-sign your application and accept the refinancing terms from the selected lender.

  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    I’ve just completed my refinancing with a Student Loan Corp sponsor and the process can only be described as extremely seamless! It took 5 days total between application and completion of my refinancing. The rate adjustment I received was 60% less than anything I would have gotten without the sponsor Student Loan Corp set me up with, so it’s giving me the flexibility to save my salary and not have to pay such an onerous amount as I was having to pay before. The APR I have is less than 4%, which is unbelievable! I would definitely recommend applying for refinancing with a Student Loan Corp sponsor if you’re trying to refinance your student loan.

    Jake M. Rogers
  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    I’m a post grad with 5+ years experience with Student Loan companies. I have been diligent with my savings, never missed a payment in my life, but had high credit card utilization due to being a med student with a demanding residency. I applied for refinancing with Student Loan Corp, it was fast and I was approved in 24 hours and I got a corporate sponsor within a few days, I then applied for a refinancing and was able to secure an awesome rate on my student loan debt. This has allowed me to save tons of money on my monthly payments. I applied on a Saturday morning and the process was completed by Thursday in the afternoon! I could not be more impressed.

    Celia Xiaoming Feng
  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    Even though my experience with refinancing my student loan through Student Loan Corp is in the early stages, (I joined up because of the wonderful things people I know have said about the company) I am really wonderstruck by the amount of focus and personal attention that I have been afforded. The whole application process was simple, easy and fast. Any email I send is responded to within a couple of minutes and anytime I schedule a call, I always get the same support person who is super smart! Being a non-US citizen, I (as well as my friends) have a very hard time refinancing student loans at reasonable rates. Thanks to Student Loan Corp the process has been made much better!

    Chen Yu
  • 5-star-review-student-loan-corp

    The long and short of it is that Student Loan Corp is incredible! Awesome service, super smart support people, truly unique and valuable solutions, awesome milestone based rewards programs, and of course the user-friendly website and the quick and helpful responses! The fact that Student Loan Corp can get you a Corporate sponsor to guarantee your student loan with any lender is a game changer. My corporate sponsored Student Loan refinancing has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and I am closer to buying a home and starting a family with my husband all because of your help! I can’t sing your praises enough. I am telling all my friends so everyone should know you rock!

    Lindsay Erickson

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