We protect data entrusted to us against evolving cyber security threats—from our data centers to schools and partners we have in place strategies and policies built to keep clients and partners safe.


Prevent identity compromise

Applying advanced data-sources, fingerprinting and stringent ID verification processes we are able to classify, verify and protect clients and lenders from potential compromise.

Delete data after use

With the hypothesis that data breaches are inevitable, even though it costs us in terms of marketing we erase all client data after use in accordance with the Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard.

Secure apps and data

Using advanced WAF’s, hardware-based firewalls performing deep packet inspection and 2048-bit SSL encryption we protect client data over websites, apps and with endpoint partner data centers.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve spent over $4 million on advanced data protection, anti-fraud integration and security procedures not required by our insurance providers, regulators or compliance bodies. We’re proud of that.

- Ralph Li Chen

CTO of Student Loan Corp


There are very few limiting factors employees face working at Student Loan Corp. We work in flat, decentralized groups of expert-driven teams, each with autonomy over decisions, and our people have the freedom to go at, own, and solve problems creatively and quickly. In our pursuit to bring fairness, transparency, and order to the Student Loans industry we’re blazing the trail utilizing cutting-edge technology, good old fashioned hard-work and solid principles.